Physio Remedies



We look forward to helping you and your family restore your bodies to their most optimal performance, Health, Balance and above all; revived, and Pain free!

At MYO BODY THERAPY we offer Advanced Myotherapy & Massage Treatments as well as a Body & Beauty Therapist on site

Our goal is to help you return your body to a state of Health, Balance and functionality through therapeutic tactile therapy, massage / manual therapy and corrective health programs. 

Including Myotherapy, Remedial and Sports Massage, Corrective Exercise Programs, Function & Mobility Therapy for the whole body and the whole family.  Our foremost focus is tailoring a treatment plan that's specific to your needs or goals, identify and prevent risk factors to injury or remove pain, soreness, stress, and dysfunction. 

Through one or a collection of our modalities and  therapeutic techniques we will advise and tailor a treatment you are happy with. Using this approach with Massage or Manual Therapy we can target a range of complaints and pathologies such as injury, muscular or joint pain and recovery, as well as muscular or structural dysfunction underlying the pain response. 

Massage and Tactile therapy can often help where other treatments have failed, it has been scientifically proven to help aid in improving physical musculoskeletal health and performance, reduce stress, remove pain, increasing range of motion and flexibility, promote healing, improve circulation, assists with symptoms of depression, chronic pain or injury, alleviate symptoms related blood pressure, remove lower back pain, neck and shoulder, pain relief for Migraines and headaches, reduce spasm and holistically improves your entire body promoting a healthier you!

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